China, here we come!

A huge upside to living in New York City, aside from having literally anything delivered, is cheap airfare to great places around the world. We scored $500 roundtrip tickets to Shanghai! 

Just as boarding finished the captain announced an electrical problem with the plane. Not sure if the flight would actually take off, we hopped on a flight to Beijing. Nothing like an impromptu overnight visit to the Chinese capital. 

Once on our new plane we settled in for the 13 hour journey!



A heavenly end to Oktoberfest

For the last night of Oktoberfest we went back to where our adventure began, just without Kenny as his flight the next day was awfully early. As always, we made new friends both inside and outside the tent. Inside, we shared a table with some people from Switzerland, and outside we met a group of Americans from New York City and various parts of Texas.after the tent closed found a bar nearby where we got to know our fellow Americans. I’m seeing a couple nights out in NYC soon! 


A short day

Our last full day in Munich ended up being short as we woke at 1 pm! The four of us met for a long lunch and a stroll before returning to the hotel to get ready for our last night of Oktoberfest!






Making friends at the Paulaner tent 

The second night of Oktoberfest proved just as thrilling as the first! A few short minutes after entering the Paulaner tent we were shown a table near the band. While the four ladies at the table were on the boring side, the fun began when they left. We made friends with the German guys at the table next to ours (well, Marcus actually made friends with them). Our new friends introduced us to their friends up on the balcony. After a few hours we emerged from the tent and met a group of guys from the UK. Another bar and a long street conversation later, we went to bed at 5 am. I’d say that was a good night.  


An afternoon stroll

After a filling lunch, we spent Monday afternoon walking around old town Munich – albeit not as briskly as normal. Kenny went on a H&M shopping spree as his suitcase still had not arrived!


Back to the tents

The tents fill up every evening, so we were worried it would be impossible to get a spot. We wondered into the Hacker-Festzelt tent – perhaps the prettiest of all. We eventually found ourselves in the middle of a row of tables with no space. Then out of no where a beer man came to sell is giant steins. A few minutes later we found a spot and didn’t leave it until closing! The Germans were impressed by our lederhosen and found it charming we couldn’t speak any German even though we tried. We many many a friend throughout the night. (Still no suitcase. And, we lost Marcus.)






A break

Our table at Schottenhamel was reserved from 3 PM on, so we had to vacate. Time for some food, games and rides. A classic sausage for lunch hit the spot. Kenny and Craig did some shooting to win beautiful Bavarian plastic roses. And, assuming our stomachs could handle it, we took rides on a roller coaster and Power Tower! (Our stomachs were troopers.) 


The fun begins

Beer at 10:30 in the morning? Why not. When in Munich…

We wandered into the Schottenhamel tent and it was already packed and brimming with excitement (or slightly inhibited people). We secured a table with five Bavarian girls who were happy to teach us the traditional songs and dances. 

Giant beers in hand, the merriment began.